Dining Room Set DX26 Table MAX V + 6 Chairs NILO VII A

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Wood Colours DX
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Product Details

This set includes:

Table Max V laminate

6 Chairs Nilo VII A

Table Dimensions:

Height 78cm

Worktop Size 80x120cm

Worktop Extends to 80x150cm

Chair Dimensions:

Width 43cm

Depth 40cm

Height1 48cm

Height2 94cm

Additional information:

Furniture made of beech wood finished with eco varnish and water lacquer.

Table Tops made of laminated chipboard have ABS edges.

After purchase please select preferred colour and fabric. If you have any questions, please contact us.

50 € Pre Payment Required.

*The palette of colours and fabrics is only illustrative and cannot be subject of complaint.

This furniture can be purchased as a set or as individual elements.

Available Colours*:

Available Fabrics (Click Here)*:

Customer Reviews


chupchum, 12-01-2019 | 13:07

100% Recommendation. Express delivery. Many thanks.


jbmpj13, 20-01-2019 | 13:17

Excellent contact with the seller, furnture as described. Product well packed and protected for shipping. Recommend!


staceenatasha, 07-01-2019 | 12:03

Good quality product for good price. Easy to assemble. Recommended.


sub-70, 27-12-2018 | 12:51

Professional customer service. Express delivery, product as described. Many thanks!


red-rock-uk, 08-01-2019 | 13:03

Excellent contact with both seller and driver. Very nice piece of furnture. Highy recommended.


capironm, 07-01-2019 | 09:11

Everything OK. Brilliant furniture. Very easy assembly. It's a big pleasure to buy furniture from such professional seller.


jak16n, 15-12-2018 | 13:39

Excellent seller. Very fast professional service. Many thanks!


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